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GB WhatsApp – What is, What is Feature, How to use & Download

In this article HDM cover What is GB WhatsApp and How to use and Download GB WhatsApp? Read the full article for all feature about GB WhatsApp. It is an App. WhatsApp is Number useable app in the world.

What is GB WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is not available with features like Gbwhatsapp app I have not been able to get the features of WhatsApp app for me. Gbwhatsapp advance is the WhatsApp app. Official WhatsApp app has helped me to expand or limit features.

We install lots of app on mobile. Because in the normal WhatsApp App, not enough feature. If all work completed in an App so that is great. So that is the reason for make GB WhatsApp.

What is Full Feature of GB WhatsApp?

  1. Hide Read Blue Stick
  2. Auto Reply Option
  3. DND Mode
  4. Chat Hide
  5. Chat & App Lock
  6. Hide Online
  7. Anti Revoke
  8. Change WhatsApp Theme
  9. Status Download
  10. Font Change
  11.  HDM define only 10 top features but More Feature are also available in GB WhatsApp.

1. Hide Read Blue Stick – In this feature, we change Read Blue Stick Color and Hide. f we send a message and we read those messages, then they will not see the message read.

2. Auto Reply – By Auto Reply option automatic send message. Just go to setting and on auto-reply option.

3. DND Mode – There is a lot of good option in GB WhatsApp. When we turn off mode DND we will not get a WhatsApp message when we turn on the Internet.

4. Chat Hide – In this category we can hide our chat.

5. Chat and App Lock – We can Lock our Chat and WhatsApp App.

6. Hide Online – If you chat someone last night. You can show offline to others just a setting.

7. Anti Revoke – In this section we can read a deleted message.

8. Change WhatsApp Theme – We can choose our WhatsApp color or theme.

9. Status Download – Can Download status and image of your WhatsApp friend status.

10. Change font – Change your WhatsApp chatting font.

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How to Download GB WhatsApp in Android/Mobile?

Also, the available lot’s of the website in the Google Search Engine. But you can download very easily just click a below (Download) link. The link is not bad & Fake. Some website provides a bad & fake link.


How to Use GB WhatsApp?

  • Click the Download Link and After Download Install.
  • Click on Accept and Continue Button.
  • Now select Country and Enter your Phone Number.
  • Before entering Mobile Number Copy Normal WhatsApp Data.
  • Then verify and use.


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