What is SEO Friendly SEO friendly URL/Slug/Permalink tips

What is SEO friendly URL/Slug/Permalink Structure Tips?

Come, Friends, We know What is SEO friendly URL/Slug/Permalink and why this is very important for a website. Whereby our website appear at the top of Google Search Engine?

What is URL – URL is part of the internet. It is the most important factor in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search Engines 1st of all crawls your website URLs before the visit on your site. Without URL your website could not publish. If you create a new article on your website so please make sure you create SEO friendly URL/Slug/Permalink. Maximum Lenght is of URLs 2048 character.

SEO friendly URL is best for your website. because by this step increase your website keywords ranking in Google Search Engine. If your website ranking increase then you will get high traffic on your website.

How to create/write SEO friendly URL/Slug/Permalink?

  • If you publish a new post on your website so do not use  Stop words.

Google is the worlds number 1 Search engine. Worlds 90% of people use the Google search engine for search for everything. Google every year launch a new update to provide better results to the visitors. Google search engine does not read Stop Words. But other Search engines ignore Stop words URLs. What are Stop words – Stop Words is like: “a,” “and,” “but,” “how,” “or,” and “what.”

  • Use only English words, do not use number and (:;”/,-!@#%^&(_+(&%#@) this words in the URL.
  • Add understanding of words in the Slug.
  • Use keywords in Permalink
  • Add 3 to 5 Words in the URL.

Pros and Cons of SEO friendly URL/Slug/Permalink?

Pros of SEO friendly Permalinks!

  • Increase traffic on your website
  • Come will real visitors on the site
  • Increase sales
  • Generate Unique Leads

Cons of SEO friendly Permalinks!

  • Not increase traffic on your website
  • Come will fake and robot visitors on the sites
  • Down website Domain Authority

Examples of SEO friendly URL/Slug/Permalink!

Which type of URL better and best for your website – Below some example fo create unique URL:-

  • https://www.hostdigitalmarketing.com/seo-service/
  • https://www.hostdigitalmarketing.com/seo-service-company/
  • https://www.hostdigitalmarketing.com/seo-service-agency/
  • https://www.hostdigitalmarketing.com/seo-service-online/

Which type of URL not better and best for your website – Below some example for not create this kind of URL:-

  • https://www.hostdigitalmarketing.com/?p=256
  • https://www.hostdigitalmarketing.com/seo_service_130
  • https://www.hostdigitalmarketing.com/seo_service_page5.html
  • https://www.hostdigitalmarketing.com/4-5-19_company-seo1

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