static and dynamic website | What is the difference between static and dynamic website?

Today our topic is that what is a static and dynamic website! And what is the difference in the static and dynamic website? In this article, we are cover what is a static and dynamic website. So let’s start and read fully this what is static and dynamic website article.

“What are Static and dynamic website advantage and disadvantage?”

What is a Static Website?

The most fundamental of the site that is coded in plain HTML with no custom coding and dynamic highlights. It requires no server-side scripting just customer side. for example:- HTML and CSS. The webpage of a small scale organization with only data of a few pages with no fancy odds and ends can be viewed as a static site. They are simple and modest to create and have with no upkeep costs and no extra abilities other than HTML. Each page exists as individual documents coded in HTML with no intuitiveness includes other than hyperlinks, pictures or illustrations. In basic terms, static websites are the destinations in which the content stays unaltered except if it’s transformed from the source code and changes to the fundamental page require altering of each page.


  • Static pages are anything but difficult to assemble, you simply need to take a shot at front-end( what you find in the site), no back-end contents, no databases.
  • Suitable for the site where you put your information that won’t change later on.
  • An example can be a portfolio site exhibiting your name, age, capabilities and so on or site of an NGO which demonstrates the target of NGO, establishment date, authors and so forth.


Below static website advantages:

1) easy to develop.

2) Cost-effective

3) includes just hyperlinks and fixed navigations.

5) Developing possible with basic HTML and CSS.

Below static website disadvantages:

1) It is going to more expensive in case you maintain it updating regularly.

2) The updating process is very much time-consuming.

3) Don’t give good user experience.

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What is a Dynamic Website?

Dynamic websites contain dynamic website pages that are portray by continually changing content that would be progressively practical. Some clients can collaborate with, not simply read. It requires something other than customer side scripting.

It is composed using server-side scripting dialects. For example:- ASP, PHP, JavaScript, JSP, Coldfusion, and so on. At the point when a website page is gotten to the code is parsed on the web server and the subsequent HTML page is shown on the customer’s internet browser. They utilize a mix of both server-side and customer side scripting to create dynamic content. Web-based business destinations and online networking locales are the two best instances of dynamic websites.


  • Information can be refresh. Included effectively by including or refreshing contents in the database.
  • Front-end development using HTML, CSS, Javascript and back-end development using PHP and Mysql or some other backend advances.
  • For model. A news site is a dynamic site where the data are added and refresh time to time.

Below is dynamic website advantages:

1) User-focused website

2) Big and highly functionalities

3) Easy to update

4) Quickly convertible to responsive

5) Excellent navigation

6) SEO friendly

Below is dynamic website Disadvantages:

1) For the small company Dynamic website is probably too steeply price.

2) Slightly longer initial development time.

3) Hosting is expensive.

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