6 Major Difference Between Website and Web Portal!

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What Is The Difference Between Website and Web Portal

We surf the internet for various day to day purposes including, some research projects, online shopping, online study material, and other miscellaneous activities.

During these web searches, we often come across websites and web portals. Now the basic thing is to understand what these two are.

And are these terms synonyms or have some differences literally?

Thinking of a web page and a web portal, these are two different terms that are often used symbiotically; in correlation to one another.

Though they have a distinct line to understand, they share a common database.

So, let’s begin with the basic understanding of the two terms and the difference between them.

What is Website?

When we hear the word website, it distracts us towards the set of web pages under the same domain name. 

So basically, a website is nothing but a collection of similar web pages constructed under the same domain name. 

The particular organization or person creates the website for the exchange of information, for his or her market expansion, for advertising, etc.

This digital world website acts like salt in food to business helping them promoting the business, marketing the products, looking into complaints, and solving them. 

Not only to businesses but everywhere websites play a major role.

The related webpage is created which contains the information in text, pictures, and graphics according to the title, and then they are updated and are known as websites.

The website acts under a particular structural form which includes web pages in a hierarchical order.

The order includes a homepage acting as a start page containing all the links to connecting web pages.

The links are ‘about us’ or ‘contact us’ etc. The WebPages forming a website are linked and are opened one after the other.

What is Web Portal?

The web portal is a special type of website that brings information from various sources that can be email, search engines, etc. 

The web portal is a single trafficking interface between the user and the organization providing the utmost information on a single page along with a series of web pages.

These portals allow the user to search the content, images, etc. Various services like emails, entertainment, stock check, etc are also provided by these portals. 

There can be various types of portal offered, like personal, government, cooperate, cultural, search, tender, hosted, and domain-specific.

Each one of them has its own features.

People use these according to their needs and work. 

But the question arises what are the main uses of such portals.

These portals are really helpful as they enhance the awareness among people, offer customization, provide flexible information, provide various services to diversify the domain, and many more.

The best advantage that people really appreciate is bringing visors.

These portals help in bringing various new customers and visitors that help both the customer as well as other men.

Typically, a web portal may be one of the two kinds;

  • Horizontal portal; also known as Horizontal Enterprise Portals and;
  • Vertical Portals; also known as Vertical Enterprise Portals.

The horizontal enterprise portals are synonymous with the website when comes to functioning. It delivers multiple services to the user accessing it.

Comparing to the vertical enterprise portal, it works in a user-centric form to deliver information that is mainly specific to an organization.


6: The Differences Between Website and Web Portal?

When it comes to differentiating them it always confuses, let’s see what the main differences between website and web portal are.

  • The location of the website is on the internet and the access is given by its URL while the portal provides single-point access where the traffic is limited to the right users.
  • Generally, websites are owned by an organization while the portal is user-centric.
  • Users cannot interact with the website while the portal is a form of two-way communication.
  • The updating of the website is required rarely, while the web portal requires a very quick update.
  • A popular example of websites can be Wikipedia, amazon, etc.
  • A popular example of web portals can be yahoo, MSN, etc.

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Why Should You Build Website and Web Portal?

ask blackboard chalk board chalkboard
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In this era, everyone needs to maintain their social life as well. It’s not only about the individual but the organizations also need to show their existence and maintenance, the website provides the platform for specifications and individuality.

Web portal helps in attracting people towards various things. The following bullets show the necessity to build the websites and web portals:-

  • Enhance the digital experience-

Building portals and website gives you the best digital experience as it helps to spread awareness on a particular thing. It gives a platform to showcase the things on the digital platform.

  • Helps to diversify your knowledge:-

The websites and web portals allow you to expand your knowledge by giving you updates about each thing happening currently in the whole world.

  • Advertise yourself:-

The best part which forces everyone to build the website and web portals is to advertise yourself. Promoting yourself not only digitally, but socially too helps you to gain popularity.

  • Share your ideas and views:-

Sharing your ideas and views not only helps you but also other people. Expressing your emotions with the help of your words is another reason to build the website and web portal.

Thus, building a website and web portal will give worthy results. If you want to go viral or want to gain individuality go for creating websites and if you need to search anything go for web portals.

6 Major Difference Between Website and Web Portal!

CONCLUSION Difference Between Website & Web Portal:-

The above article shows how websites and web portals are important and how they are different from each other. Both are equally important, both provide equal opportunities and help everyone to go digital. 

It provides various platforms to showcase yourself and expand your knowledge and learning.

Many businesses got success by building their own websites as they help to create individuality and spread awareness. These are the forms to advertise yourself and your brands digitally on a safe and intellectual platform; a platform used by millions daily.

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