Blogger Adsense Earnings: How Can I Make Money from Google Adsense?

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make money from Google Adsense in 2022

How Can I Make Money from Google Adsense?

Hi, guys today we will see how to make money from Google Adsense? There are 3 google Adsense tips for bloggers that I would like to share with you which works for me a lot.

As we all know that Google AdSense is one of the best sources of making money online for bloggers. A good blogger can easily make thousands of dollars in a day, and an average blogger can make a minimum of $50 a day., then why you cannot do it? If you think you are also a blogger and have the potential to make that same kind of money from Google AdSense then these tips are for you. I promise these tips will definitely work for you as well because this is my personal experience which I am sharing with you.

#1 Keyword Targeting:

Your website must be a niche blogging site where you are very serious about some particular keyword targeting. Your keyword will decide what type of ads will run on your blog.

If the keyword you are using on your blog is not specified then definitely, you are not going to attract any good advertiser via Google AdSense. And this is the reason it is
very important to target the right advertiser by your keyword.

Advertisers are more willing to pay if the audience on your blog is the niche in the category. So, try to maintain the right density of keywords on your site because Google AdSense will show ads on your blog on the basis of your keywords density and the type of audiences which it is attracting.

#2 Traffic Sources:

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It is very important to look after, from where are you getting traffic to your site. Traffic sources are one of the important factors in Google AdSense revenue. If you are getting a lot of traffic from sources that are not that legitimate, it will not let you earn a good amount of money from Google AdSense.

Google definitely looks into the traffic sources of your blog and then decide the money which it needs to pay you. So it clearly means that if you’re having a good amount of traffic on your site from legitimate sources will give you more money than any other bad sources.

The best revenue which you can earn from Google AdSense is via its own platform ‘Google search. If your blogs are ranking on Google search engine result page and the traffic you are getting from Google search, then for every click definitely the
CPC will go high.

Other good sources of traffic are social media especially Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, etc.

#3 Ads Positions:

Ads position on your site is another big factor that will make you earn more money. That first ad which is located in the very top position of your blog is actually paying more CPC than the other ads in a different location at your blog.

So try to emphasize your top ads on your blog to make it more visible. It is because the more the click that top Ad will receive will make you earn more than other ads on different positions. But make sure you are not violating any Google AdSense policies while emphasizing any of your ads.

This will make higher blogger AdSense earnings and you will surely get to know how Google AdSense helps you to make money.

Make money through google adsense

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