Facebook giving money to TikTok users to join Instagram Reels!

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Facebook is giving money

Hello, readers in this article we will tell you an option by a report Facebook is giving money. Before start reading to this article you should have a tik tok account before banned tik tok in India.

After Tik Tok is banned in India, Facebook is trying its best to fill this gap. Shortly after Tik Tok was banned, a video feature company similar to Tik Tok was launched on Instagram as Reels.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Facebook is giving money to some of Tik Tok users to come to Reels, whose Tik Tok followers were very high.

According to the report, Facebook has offered to post exclusive content on Instagram reels from big Tik Tok creators.

It is being told that Facebook has offered to give lakhs of rupees to these creators. A Facebook spokesperson told Forbes, ‘We have a long history of reaching out emerging creators and we work together with them.’

Tik Tok has been banned in India, but now this app can also be banned in America. Not only this, but Tik Tok parent company Bite Dance also has a lot of stakes in American investors.

According to the report, American shareholders are also preparing to buy this app by bite dance. Since Byte Dance has made it clear some time ago that the company can also think about selling the app for a better future.

Conclusion – I hope you will understand what are the process to earn money facebook or online. It is better chance if you have a tik tok account.

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