Free 10 Best SEO Tools for Rank your Website in Google SERP

Hi, Friends in this post you can read about Free 10 best SEO tools for Rank your Website in Google search engine result page with very fast.  This question is asking every blogger and website owner that how to rank your post in Google SERPs.

HDM using this all tools before writing a post and after writing a post. Tools are very needed to rank your website.  Because your post is waste if not come traffic on your site.

Below Some list of SEO Tools

1. Webmaster Tool/Search Console

The webmaster is the very best and free SEO tools to submit your all articles page and main website page. From here you will get below kind of details about SEO.

  • Submit your Sitemap.xml
  • URL Index
  • Website Speed Test
  • Robot.txt
  • Website Crawl
  • Check 404 or Error Pages of your website
  • And more results.
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2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keywords Planner is the best free SEO tool for analyzing your targeted keywords. It is a part of Google Ads/Adwords. But you can also use this tool. And will get more check below.

  • Check Keywords Ranking
  • See Monthly Traffic of your Keywords
  • Check Keywords Volume
  • Find Business Keywords
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3. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Tool

Yoast SEO is a WordPress Plugin. It is available in the free and paid version but both versions are good and most bloggers are using this free SEO tool.

When you write a new post so this tool helps you on do On-page SEO techniques. There are shows Red, and Green lite if you write a new post. If you have done on-page SEO so there are shows of Green Light and not done then Show is Red Light.

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4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best free SEO tool. It helps you find your website all user. By this tool, you check that which kind of people visit on your website and where from comes.

  • Find Audiences of your website
  • Check Acquisitions
  • See Behavior
  • Check Conversions
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5. WhatsMySerp

WhatsMySerp is a best free SEO tools. This is a Chrome extensions tool. It is lots of help you to find your keyword monthly volume, keyword CPC and keywords competition and more. If add this tool in your google chrome then you search something in the google search bar then show results and it shows some keyword in your desktop and Laptop Right side section.

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6. Ubersuggest – Pro Now (Alternative Tool we will update soon)

Ubersuggest is the paid tool now.  It is built by World Number 1 Digital Marketer Neil Patel. Now you search here URL and Keywords. Here you can analyze your competitor’s website. Check also:-

  • keywords difficulty for rank
  • SEO difficulty on keywords
  • The paid difficulty  for run ads
  • Check Backlinks of your competitor’s
  • Keywords Ideas
  • And More.
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7. Grammarly

Grammarly is the very best accurate grammar checker SEO tools in the world. It’s service available in free and paid. It fully helps you when you write an article, post, latter, essay and more. Grammarly is a chrome extension plugin and you can download in your system. It is checked grammar but you can also u[load your specific words, name, and another word. How Grammarly works? When you write an article so it shows a red line where grammar mistake.

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8. SEOquake

SEOquake is a Chrome extension plugin. It is the best SEO tools to check your keywords rank. It provides a website full report also like – Alexa Ranking, URL, Domain Rating, Title, Description, How many total pages are submitted I Google and other search Engine.

SEOquake provides below kind of report also of a website.

  • Page information
  • Diagnosis
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Density
  • Compare URLs and more.
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9. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google Mobile-Friendly test is the best of SEO tools. It is built by Google for check mobile-friendly website. because every user cannot afford Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, and other devices. and lot’s of traffic comes by Mobile. People visit the only best and responsive website. If your website is not mobile friendly so will not comes traffic on your site. Traffic is very needed to be website maker and business owner.

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10. SEO Site Checkup

SEO site checkup is the website analyzer SEO tools.  Now you can easily check SEO score for websites online by SEO site checkup websites SEO checker free it will give complete analysis like website SEO score, website Load time. website Error, Image Alt text,  SSL Availability, Robot.txt, sitemap.xml submission, and more details and It will give suggestions to how to fix any problems with the video.

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Above mention best 10 SEO Tools. But don’t believe in a tool in Google also an available alternative. tools. Because every SEO tool does not provide a good and unique result. If you want result please use minimum to different tools.

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