Complete Guide on Google Featured Snippets 2020?

Let’s get Start. In this article, we will tell you a complete guide about Google featured snippets, What are Google featured snippets, how to optimize the website for Google featured snippets and how many kinds of benefits of this?

Seriously you want to get to the number 1 place of Google’s organic search results is a rising engagement. But just because it’s difficult, doesn’t mean you can’t win.

Even if you do not inhabit position 1, you can outrank it. How? Is that even possible? Yes, that is possible – by claiming a featured snippet.


There are many websites submitted on Google, some of which are blogs that are very good to read and some are not.

In it, the website which the user likes well, adds him to the list of Google Top 10.

When you search for anything in Google search engine.

Then Google’s algorithm gives you the suggestions of the best 10 websites to answer your questions for reading.

Out of the 10 websites, the content of the website for which your question seems to be an answer to Google Algorithm.

Then Google’s algorithms show them at the top so that the user does not have any problem in understanding.

See Image below of query of “How to Optimize Post for Google featured snippets”.

How to Optimize Post for Google featured snippets

Now you must be thinking like this, why google algorithms do this, then it also has a lot of examples.

Why Google algorithms do this?

We will tell you one by one about “why Google algorithms do this”. If the algorithm does not do this, then how big a problem can be.

  • There are some websites that rank, but their content is not right.
  • There are some websites that do not open when the user clicks on the URL of their website. (SEO Friendly URL)
  • In many locations, there is an error of the network as well, a good network is required to open the website.
  • When we click on the URL to open the website, the website does not open because of the image that is on the website.
  • In order to host the website, hosting a good server is also necessary which opens the website quickly in the user’s device.
  • One of the biggest reasons for this is that Google wants its users to not go anywhere and not use other search engines.

And there are many more reasons for Google featured snippets.




Now let’s talk about what is the Benefits of Google Featured Snippets. And we mean what a blogger is going to benefit from this.

  • Google is able to show only a very small word of content to the user and the user reads it definitively. So that the user likes that content, then the user must click on the link to read it completely.
  • There are more chances of clicks on your website.
  • According to Ahrefs case study see the image below.
  • Without Google Featured Snippet you will 26% click on your website.
  • With Google Featured Snippets, you will get an 8.6% click on your website.

Because Google did some change in January 2020. Read below what changes Google did in January 2020?

Google algorithm’s first URL was seen in 2 places on the Google Search Engine result page.

  1. Top on Search Result Page in the box.
  2. 1st to 10th in the Top 10 results page.

According to the January Featured Snippets update, Now there showing only 1 URL in Google SERP.

If your post convert in featured snippets then now your post will not show in top 10 list

See google rich snippet screenshots below. We got this old screenshot on

Below Old Google featured snippet screenshot!

Old Google featured snippet screenshot !

Below New Google featured snippet screenshot !

New  Google featured snippet screenshot !

There have 2 kinds of benefits for SEO if you are post or article convert in featured snippets.

  • Not need to 1st rank your post position in the search engine result page.
1st possition in serp
  • You will get more click chance of your post or article if your article converts in featured snippets.
convert in featured snippets

How to write an article to convert my post for featured snippets.

This depends on you if you seriously want to that my post convert in featured snippets. Then you follow some tips.

  • Write quality and unique understandable content in your article. This is very important if you want that your post converts for featured snippets or not.
  • Use short paragraphs.
  • Put List (bullets and numbers) in your article.
  • Add Tables to the article.
  • Use images in the content.
  • You know that why people search because they mind in have a question so write queries article for getting your post for featured snippets




I know why people write a blog because they want top 1st rank. I put here my own experience on Google Featured Snippets.

I would suggest you optimize your all post for top 1st rank in the search engine result page. Because without ranking we will not get traffic on our website for any conversion.

If in this post something is wrong then please comment below I’ll change it fast. If this post is well please rate us.

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