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paid social media jobs review

As we have seen, people are looking for the best jobs on social media platforms and there are many websites, which are helping users to become social media managers. But many scammers are taking benefit of this thing, they are requesting a security amount from the users and doing scams with them.

Paid Social Media Jobs is a very popular website assuring the users to provide a job without having any prior experience. Many peoples are searching for a review of this website. That’s why today we will provide you with a complete review of this website.

What are Paid Social Media Jobs?

Paid Social Media Jobs is a freelancing website assuring the users that they will provide them a job in which there is no requirement of any experience. They will provide a job for managing social media accounts of some popular brands. They will connect a user with the employer and will tell them to handle their social media account.

Users should have a basic knowledge of famous social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The web page of the website is very basic and users are asked to fill in their email address, then they will redirect you to the new page where users will get to know the story of this website owner Annie Jones.

Annie Jones had stated that users will get a lot of jobs on their platform and they will receive their first assignment within 24 hours of signup. The work will be just commenting on some posts and users can earn $700 from it.

The website is a scam that just wants to fraud with peoples. Users will get various other things on the page that will try to attract you to sign up for their website.

At first glance, it will look like the website is free but then they will ask for the money. They will assure that they will provide complete training on the work that a user needs to do.

About Annie Jones

Annie Jones talking about Paid Social Media Jobs

Annie Jones is the founder of the website. When a user will come to the website, they will be able to get the video in which she will tell her story that she was a depressed woman but when she knows about Paid Social Media Jobs, her life is completely changed.

There is no about us page on the website that will help the users to know more about the website, which states that the website is completely scammed.

Do you want to watch her video in his language, Click here to watch the full story in her voice – Annie Jones Story Video.

How Do they work?

The owner of the website says that users will connect with the employers who are assigning them work. That’s just because they have no time to manage their social accounts.

When users scroll more about the work, they will get the list of work available for users. Users can tap on any job by reading all the details and then tap on the Apply button.

They have stated that users will get the amount only after completing the work. Yes, it is a common thing but why a user will pay for searching a job.

Annie had also stated that they will provide training for the work they are providing so that if a user gets stuck anywhere then they are available to help them. But users need to pay for the job that they are providing, which is irrelevant.

There are many other freelancing websites offering jobs to users like Fiverr, Upwork, and many more. But there is a huge difference between these freelancing websites and Paid Social Media Jobs.

You can easily recognize that the jobs they are providing are not legal and outdated. You can also recognize by viewing the amount they are providing. They are providing a huge amount for simple work, which makes it a complete scam.

As we have seen a lot of websites on the Internet that are providing jobs but not charging a single penny for that. They will charge you for training but I don’t think that a user needs to pay for this.

They are misleading the users, when a user will tap on the Purchase button, they will realize that they are paying just for the training of how to become a social media manager, not getting the job because they have no jobs.

Users will be asked to create a professional resume that will be given to the employer and they will contact you for the work, but the truth is that they don’t know any employer and they have no jobs. So it will be a complete waste to spend $27 to register on the website.

Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?

We can say that it is a big scam, as they are unable to deliver the promises. Users are searching for jobs with some expectations but they are doing fraud with them and asking for money. So I will not recommend this website to any of the users.

Is it possible to make money by Social Media Jobs?

Earning Snapshot on paid social media jobs
Earning Snapshot on paid social media jobs

Yes, it is possible to earn some amount by doing paid social media jobs, users can also do this type of job by sitting at their home. But the thing is that you should have some technical skills and have some knowledge about that work.

The important thing is that a user will not get to a huge amount for this work and earning will not start immediately, you have to take some knowledge and then only you will be able to get a job as the social media manager.

We all have seen on Fiverr and Upwork that there is a huge competition to get the project. If you have some qualities and your rate is reasonable, only then you will get the work. No one will pay you a good amount until you have some quality or experience.  

Providing access to your account is a bit tough task and someone will provide you that work only if they are satisfied. They will do proper research for the best candidate that can operate their social media account.


If we talk about its pricing then they are charging $27 for getting their services and if you are exiting the page then it will provide an offer of $17 so that users can get more benefit. If you don’t want to pay now then there is an offer to pay in the future of the amount of $37 upsell.

As they have also written on their page that there are no hidden costs to pay but when you will register for their services, it will be the biggest mistake that you will make.

paid social media jobs review buy button

Is there any refund policy?

The refund policy comes with only Clickbank. There is a 60-days moneyback guarantee so that if a user is not satisfied with their services then they can claim money back from Clickbank. Generally, Clickbank provides a refund within 4 – 5 business days.

Who should go with Paid Social Media Jobs services?

From the above details, users can easily judge the services of Paid Social Media Jobs services, as they are not useful for the users who are looking for a job purpose.

This website is useful only for those peoples who want to learn how to be a social media manager and all the tips that are relevant to become a social media manager. Don’t keep any expectations from the website that they will help you in providing the job. It is empty except for some training.

Where we will get the Legit Social Media Jobs?

Users need to search for it, as there are many companies offering services for social media jobs but most of them are fake. That’s why a user needs to do proper research to get the best and legit social media job. Users should learn about the course, only then they should apply for the job because, without knowledge, no one will shortlist your empty resume.

Users can search on Google, there they will get the best ways to get the social media jobs. Still, if you ask from us then we will tell you that you should upload your quality resume on some of the best freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, and Indeed.

These are the best freelancing websites where a user will get genuine clients and will provide genuine work. As we know there is a huge competition on these platforms but users will get work if they upload a quality profile.

CONCLUSION About Paid Social Media Jobs:-

So this is all about Paid Social Media Jobs review, we have given all the relevant details that are necessary for a user to know. Paid Social Media Jobs is not a legit website if we talk about their job portal. They are just doing fake promises to influence the users.

Still, if you are looking for social media manager course then you can rely on it, as they have all the training sessions on their platform, which will help to learn all the things about social media jobs.

paid social media jobs review buy button

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